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  • Diving’s Finest Hour 16/08/2018
    Last month, the world watched drama unfold in Thailand with the rescue of 12 boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave. It was an awe inspiring example of humanity at its best, focused on a single noble purpose. Setting aside titles and differences, some of the world’s top […] The post Diving’s Finest […]
    Drew Richardson
  • Alban Michon, Ice diving explorer – “Scuba diving is my treasure.” 15/08/2018
    Of all the scuba diving jobs you could think about, what would be the most incredible and unattainable? To me, it has always been adventurers and explorers. I always wondered how all these incredible men and women could dedicate their lives for our greatest amazement to push further the boundaries […] The post Alban Michon, […]
  • Indonesia Earthquake Update 14/08/2018
    Indonesia has made headlines recently after several large earthquakes hit the area of West Nusa Tenggara. These earthquakes, some reaching 7.0 on the Richter Scale, caused widespread damage across Lombok and the Gili Islands. Our thoughts go out to those who have been affected and who’s lives have been changed […] The post Indonesia Earthquake […]
    Peta King
  • Five Tips For Getting Started With Underwater Photography 14/08/2018
    Guest article by Underwater Photographer and PADI Instructor Matt Testoni.  Underwater photography is taken up for a number of reasons with the most prevalent being the desire to share the unique views and moments only a scuba diver gets to experience. However for a number of reasons, the world beneath […] The post Five Tips […]
    Guest Blogger
  • Best Family Dive Resorts 13/08/2018
        Just because you’re a diver doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite sport when your family comes along. These 10 dive-centric locales are custom made for water loving families of all ages. Jamaica – Beaches Jamaica-bound families can take in 22 acres of tropical gardens and private […] The post Best Family […]
    Tara Bradley Connell
  • How Scuba Diving Helps me in my Career as a Travel Blogger 12/08/2018
    Written by Lisa from Fjords and Beaches I have written before about how inspiring and motivating it is to be a part of the diving community, and that it is a support system I never had imagined before learning to dive. I love the online communities I am a member of, meeting […] The post How Scuba […]
    Guest Blogger
  • How Scuba Diving Calms our Busy Minds 11/08/2018
    Written by Laura Walton Descending into the depths on a scuba dive we can hear only bubbles.  We may also notice that the silence moves from the water and hushes the noise in our heads.  Mind chatter reduces and we can focus on the present, paying attention to our diving and the […] The post How Scuba […]
    Guest Blogger
  • Scuba Diving and Sailing for Teens 08/08/2018
    Looking for a life changing summer camp focused on all things ocean? ActionQuest, founded in the mid-eighties, offers scuba and sailing summer adventure camps for teens in the British Virgin Islands. Students live aboard a fleet of sailboats for three week sessions, learning to sail and dive all along the […] The post Scuba Diving […]
    Ocean Allison
  • Public Safety Diving Revisited 08/08/2018
    As the owner of Underwater Criminal Investigators (UCI) and the full-time Operations Coordinator for the Virginia State Police Search and Recovery Team, Mike Berry is both a leader and pioneer in public safety diving. Mike was one of the first people interviewed for our scuba careers series, but there are […] The post Public Safety […]
    Megan Denny
  • Exclusive Dive Resort Vacations Available Now on PADI Travel 08/08/2018
    PADI Travel™, the trusted online travel agency for divers, now offers vacations at leading dive resorts around the world, with added benefits you can’t get anywhere else. There are more than 100 beautiful dive resorts with new ones being added every day. When you book with PADI Travel you get the […] The post Exclusive Dive […]
    Sandro Lonardi