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  • Everything you need to know about Fish, Chips and Microplastics 23/04/2018
    Written by Alexandra Dimitriou Fish and chip shops, known as “chippies” have been a cornerstone of  British eateries for centuries. They are time old traditions that fill me with fond memories. As a child my mother would take us every Friday to the British Bases of Cyprus for the “best fish […] The post Everything you […]
    Guest Blogger
  • Scuba Careers: Becoming A Marine Biologist 20/04/2018
    Becoming a marine biologist has crossed many divers’ minds at one time or another. And while the job description doesn’t necessarily mean scuba diving every day, there are a lot of perks to the position. For PADI AmbassaDiver Afelandra Gonzalez, she turned that dream job into a reality. “The sea […] The post Scuba Careers: […]
    Tara Bradley Connell
  • Introducing PADI AmbassaDivers, The Jetlagged 20/04/2018
    We caught up with new PADI AmbassaDivers™, The Jetlagged, to find out how they have become such passionate and dedicated divers and filmmakers, travelling the world on a mission to protect our oceans. How did you both get into scuba diving? Hendrik’s underwater passion started early as a kid when […] The post Introducing PADI […]
    Cathy Evans
  • Underwater Tour 2018: An Evening of Underwater Entertainment and Inspiration 20/04/2018
    Five internationally acclaimed speakers are hitting the road to bring you four nights of underwater entertainment and inspiration in four Australian State Capitals as part of the Underwater Tour 2018. Join Jürgen Freund, Jason Isley, Dr Richard Smith and Darren Jew and Jasmine Carey as they discuss their journeys as […] The post Underwater Tour […]
    Peta King
  • Timor-Leste: The Place to Be to Encounter Dolphins 18/04/2018
    Who wants to go diving with dolphins? Ok, stupid question we know… Everyone wants to dive with dolphins right!? Well, keep reading, because we’re about to tell you of a tiny country in Southeast Asia where scientists have discovered an abundance of dolphins. That country is Timor Leste. You might […] The post Timor-Leste: The […]
    Peta King
  • Local-to-Global Conservation 17/04/2018
      For a glimpse of what diving was like long before plastic, pollution and waste were concerns, many divers look to the waters of Raja Ampat. “You can empty your bucket list around there, from pigmy seahorses to whale sharks and from mangroves to vibrant and colorful coral reefs,” says […] The post Local-to-Global Conservation […]
    Tara Bradley Connell
  • Join PADI at Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo, April 14-15 12/04/2018
    Ready for a weekend of fun? Join PADI® staff members at the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA from April 14-15 2018. This event promises an exciting mix of seminars, workshops, exhibits and entertainment for just about anyone who loves the ocean world. At the show, you can: Explore diving […] The post Join PADI […]
    Emily Krak
  • The Proper Dive Buddy Check – How Do You Say BWRAF? 10/04/2018
    The buddy check is an important accident prevention procedure new divers learn during the PADI® Open Water Diver course. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first things certified divers (choose to) forget. As divers gain more experience, the buddy check is often reduced to one diver asking the other, “you good?” […] The post The Proper […]
    Megan Denny
  • The PADI Community Shark Stories 10/04/2018
    A few weeks ago we asked the PADI® community to share their shark stories and images on Instagram using #200Sharks. We’re supporting diver and artist Francesca Page in her mission to paint 200 sharks, to raise awareness of the fact an estimated 200 are killed by humans every 60 seconds. (If you […] The post The PADI […]
    Cathy Evans
  • ‘Do I Need to Know How to Swim to Scuba Dive’ and Other Frequently Asked Questions. 10/04/2018
    Before learning to scuba dive, it’s natural to have some questions. Exploring the underwater world can be unnerving at first, however it is also exciting and amazing. Here we answer some common questions about learning to dive. 1. Do I need to know how to swim to scuba dive? Since […] The post ‘Do I […]
    Peta King