Diving For Certified Divers

We dive most days around the Protaras and Cape Greko area. These dive sites offer excellent conditions with visibility up to 40m. The sea is usually very calm and the currents are mild.

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Local dive sites :

Green Bay          Shallow dive with an easy entry. Perfect for beginners. Lots of life to see. Max. depth 12m

Green Bay 2       This dive site is great for Open Water divers and with the large cave at 12-17m one not to be missed.

DeCosta Bay       Ideal for Open Water with max. depth of 13m. Good chance to see turtles and stingray here.

Crystal Cove       Nice dive with max depth 15m and a great chance to see moray eels and octopus.

Kaliva                   Easy entry, shallow start with a max depth of 16m

Konnos Point     Spectacular underwater topography. Depth 12m to 40m

The Chapel         Great dive for experienced divers. Depth 20m to 40m

The Caves           Beautiful underwater caverns and tunnels (see right) with max. depth 15m

The Canyon        You can frequently see stingrays here. Max. depth 20m

Poseidon Dive Centre Cyprus The Caves Local Dive Site

Nemesis III Wreck

In December 2013 the Nemesis III was sunk in the crystal clear waters just off Protaras. This 24 metre trawler is lying at a depth of 25m and is really fun to dive! It is just a few minutes by boat from Protaras.

Stern view Poseidon Dive Centre Cyprus Nemesis Wreck Diving
Top view Poseidon Dive Centre Cyprus Nemesis Wreck Diving
Side view  Nemesis Wreck Diving with Poseidon Dive Centre Cyprus

Zenobia Wreck

This wreck dive is one of the best in the world due to it's size, depth, visibility and the water conditions. The vessel is a 172m long Swedish ferry boat that sank in 1980 on her maiden voyage due to technical problems that affected its stability. The boat was loaded with over 100 trucks and trailers, The wreck is lying between 42m and 16m. Many of the trucks are visible either lying on the seabed or still inside the vessel.The wreck lies about a 10 minute boat journey from the shore. Because of it's size we usually do two dives on each trip.

Poseidon Dive Centre Cyprus Zenobia Wreck Diving